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"Blair" Cemetery Records

Name Birth Death Age YMD Cemetery Town County Ref.#
Noah Monroe Blair 06/10/1872 6/11/1945 73y Marianna Mem. Park. Marianna Lee 136-01
Brother of Wincy Melinda Blair #136-02  For More Information Contact:  Lynn F. Johnson  
Wincy Melinda Blair 12/29/1855 03/11/1895 abt. 40 Spring Creek Cem. Rondo Lee 136-02
Gr. Grandmother of submitter and sister of Noah #136-01  For More Information Contact:  Lynn F. Johnson  
John Martin Blair 12/5/1918 7/10/1982 64y Elmwood Blytheville Mississippi 045-01
John Martin Blair is the son of Hugh J. Blair (Massachusetts #027-03).  For More Information Contact:  John Blair.  
James David Blair 8/8/1871 3/12/1937 66y Washita Cem. Washita Montgomery 082-01
Husband of #082-02.  For More Information Contact:  Sue Blair  
Martha (Tyler) Blair 2/10/1879 10/19/1954 75y Wahita Cem. Washita Montgomery 082-02
Wife of James David Blair #082-01.  For More Information Contact:  Sue Blair  
Lawton Blair 6/10/1911 9/11/1973 62y Reed Cemetery Story Montgomery 082-03
Husband of #082-04.  For More Information Contact:  Sue Blair  
Ruby Blair 8/29/1913 Apr-90 77y Reed Cemetery Story Montgomery 082-04
Wife of #082-03.  For More Information Contact:  Sue Blair  
Claude Franklin Blair 12/24/1889 12/30/1939 Gibson Cem. Bates Scott 110-01
 Son of Daniel Harvey Blair #110-02. Claude was the postmaster in Mansfield, Arkansas for a period of time.  For More Information Contact:  Victoria L. Fisher  
Daniel Harvey Blair 12/21/1855 11/12/1909 Gibson Cem. Bates Scott 110-02
Father of #110-01.   For More Information Contact:  Victoria L. Fisher  

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This information comes from books published by the Ulster Historical Foundation. This organization has a series of books containing graveyard inscriptions from Northern Ireland. To learn more about them or to order them you may contact them at the following location. Ulster Historical Foundation

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