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Blair Final Resting Places

This page is an attempt to gather together, in one location, information about the final resting places of our Blair ancestors. It is my hope that Blair researchers will submit to this page any Blair resting places that they might come across in their research, whether they be from their own family or from a Blair stranger. Over time this list should then grow into a very valuable resource to future researchers of the family Blair. Please be patient with me, as this is a new endeavor and I will probably be playing around with the formatting of the page until the kinks are out. Please stop by often to check on me and to see how the page is growing.


To Jump to the desired STATE or COUNTRY click on the links below:

(Alabama) (Arizona) (Arkansas) (California) (Colorado) (Connecticut) (Florida) (Georgia ) (Idaho) (Illinois) (Indiana ) (Iowa) (Kansas) (Kentucky ) (Maine) (Maryland) (Massachusetts) (Michigan ) (Minnesota ) (Missouri) (Mississippi) (Nebraska ) (Nevada ) (New Jersey) (New Mexico ) (New York) (North Carolina ) (Ohio) (Oregon) (Oklahoma ) (Pennsylvania) (South Carolina) (South Dakota) (Tennessee) (Texas) (Utah) (Vermont ) (Virginia & D.C.) (Washington) (Wisconsin)


(New South Wales) (Victoria) (South Australia)


(Ontario) (Nova Scotia) (British Columbia) (New Brunswick)

Other Countries

(Chile) (Turkey) (Northern Ireland)

Cemeteries of Northern Ireland
This information comes from books published by the Ulster Historical Foundation. This organization has a series of books containing graveyard inscriptions from Northern Ireland. To learn more about them or to order them you may contact them at the following location. Ulster Historical Foundation
NOTE: I have arranged the above listings according to State/Country and then county in hopes its will better aid you in identifying the person you are looking for. Please be aware that many Blair families chose names from a very short list of favorites. You are likely to see many people with the same name. Because of this, pay close attention to both the locale, the dates and the identifying information before deciding the individual is the person you are looking for. CAUTION: This information has probably been copied a number of times before making its appearance on this page and errors could have occurred along the way. Please double check the information with primary sources and if you do find an error please be kind enough to notify me so that I may correct it.
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